Susu Credit

Targets: Petty traders, Artisans, Dress makers, Beauticians, and food venders.  Susu loan is designed for all susu account holders

  • Loan size ranges from GHs 100.00 - GHs 2,000.00
  • Terms of payment of Susu loan are very flexible
  • A mobile banker/Field cashier visits the customer on daily basis to collect the money on behalf of the company. The Customer has the option to make direct deposits into his/her account with the company either daily, every other day, or once a week on regular basis.
  • Two months contribution could be used as Collateral deposit for a susu loan.
  • Payment of Susu loans are daily and every other day.


Business Credit

Targets: Traders. This is a productive loan product designed for individuals who need funds for diversification, fixed assets, and business expansion.

  • To qualify for this facility, the Client should make a minimum of three months savings without withdrawal.
  • The three months savings would be used as a Collateral deposit for the loan
  • Loan size ranges from GHs 2,000.00 - GHs 20,000.00.
  • Terms of payment of this loan are very flexible


Salary Advance

This is a credit facility designed for workers on Government payroll and corporate institutions. Loan Size: Determined by Net Salary   Repayment duration: one - three months


Emergency Credit

This facility is designed to take care of emergency financial needs such as payment of rent, school fees, and working capital for purchase of stock for business expansion. Repayment duration: one - three months. It is strictly designed for credible clients.


Auto Credit

Targets: Commercial drivers, Timber merchants, sachet water producers.

  • A loan product designed for Commercial drivers, Timber merchants, sachet water producers, and wholesalers. Loans fund could use to buy a vehicle or parts of a vehicle.
  • Loan Size ranges from GHs 5,000.00 - GHs 20,000.00
  • Terms of payment of this loan are very flexible
  • Comprehensive Insurance cover with DES Microfinance as loss payee required.


Institution Credit

Targets: Churches and Private Schools. This is a credit facility designed for Churches and Credible Private Schools that need funds to improve infrastructure, acquisition of furniture, & instruments. Payment of this facility is daily and weekly


Individual/Group Micro Credit

Target: Foodstuff sellers, Shop owners, Market women. To qualify for Micro loan, the Client(s) should meet these criteria;

  • Should be saving with DES Microfinance
  • Members of a group should be undertaking similar business (trade)
  • The group should consist of between 5-20 members.
  • All members should make a weekly savings into the account for at least five weeks without withdrawal.
  • Loan size ranges from GHs 200 - 4,000 per group member.
  • Terms of payment of this loan are very flexible.
  • The Savings would be used as Collateral Deposit for the facility.
  • This facility is mostly community based and is jointly guaranteed by the solidarity and the parent group.
  • Policy on group methodology (80% women, 20% men)